Laserglow - SafetyCast 300 Sign Projector

Laserglow’s SafetyCast™

300 Sign Projector

Industrial production floors and warehouses often use tape, paint, and adhesive safety labels for safety signage. However, these static signs can easily be obscured by machinery or the sign require regular touch up and maintenance because of wear. This poses the potential for serious injury to workers if safety signage is not prominently displayed. A Virtual Sign has a longer lifetime than other forms of signage making it more cost-effective and reliable. Instead of constantly replacing old signage, virtual signage only requires a projector and an image lens to project the desired image.

A large variety of safety signage, from STOP signs to hazard zone are available and any custom image can be projected from these projectors. Image projection lens are easily interchangeable on-site.

The benefits of using SafetyCast™ 300 Sign Projector instead of painted or taped signs:

Reduce Accidents

by increasing pedestrian and operator awareness of moving equipment or temporary machinery installations

Reduce Property Damage

by providing virtual demarcation of the material handling equipment moving area

Reduce Insurance Claims

by mitigating accidents during operation and handling

Reduce Lost Time

by reducing accidents, and unplanned work stoppages

Minimal Loss In Productivity

Shutdown of the facility, surface preparation, or time for drying and sealing

Smart Triggered Projection

Using activity sensor


Laserglow’s Smart Trigger Control Kits offer a new way to automate visual hazard management within a facility. Using various types of sensors, you can illicit a response to turn ON/OFF/FLASH projections based on activity detected. This helps overcome complacency and enhance the overall safety for a site.






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