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The MTS Beauty is a durable slip on shoe that is designed for all day comfort. This shoe is ideal for industry, local authorities, medical, laboratories, service industries, food processing industries.


  • Toe Cap

  • Foot injuries at workplaces are very common and it may come in any shape and size. This is why wearing of safety shoes or boots with toe caps is essential as it will protect your feet from mishaps. The MTS Beauty has a steel 200 J toe cap that will protect your feet from heavy falling objects when working.

  • Slip Resistant

  • The sole of this shoe is made from PU rubber this provides your shoe with greater traction and resistance against oils and fuel oil. This non-slip shoe will stand up to tough working conditions with durability.

  • ESD Shoe

  • This is an ESD shoe, ESD shoes dissipate the energy accumulated during the walk in a continuous and balanced, unloading on the ground in this way the so-called "shock" is avoided.

  • Water Resistant

  • The MTS Beauty upper is manufactured from high quality drumming leather which is water resistant. This ensures that your feet stay dry and safe throughout the workday.


  • Low Thermal Conductivity

  • The insole of this shoe is made from thermoformed PU foam, this is a sponge like material with low thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is the ability of a material to transfer heat, this insole will heat up at a lower rate in comparison to other insoles.

  • Anti-Bacterial Lining

  • The insole of the MTS Beauty is anti-bacterial. It prevents bacteria and fungus responsible for odours, from taking hold anywhere in your shoes. Prevents Bacteria and Fungus build up which stops bad smells and helps prevent conditions such as athletes foot.