Cederroth Burn Gel Dressing, Face Mask 30 x 40 cm

SKU: 51011014
28.29 incl. VAT

Cederroth Large Burn Gel Dressing: Rapid Cooling and Effective Pain Relief

The Cederroth Large Burn Gel Dressing is specifically designed to provide immediate cooling and effective pain relief for first- and second-degree burns. Its cooling properties not only reduce pain and swelling, but also prevent the burn from penetrating deeper into the skin.

Suitable for larger areas like the legs, arms, or chest, this versatile dressing can also be used as a face mask. Simply tear off the parts of the dressing at the pre-cut holes for eyes, nose, and mouth as needed. The dressing is easy to use, with clear instructions provided.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Cooling: Provides immediate relief for burns
  • Effective Pain Relief: Reduces pain and swelling
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for larger areas and can be used as a face mask
  • Sterile: Ensures the dressing is hygienically clean


Size: 30 x 40 cm
Shelf life: 5 years

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