Cofra Monet Black S3 SRC


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The Cofra Monet is a low-cut shoe providing you with the highest standard of protection and comfort.


  • Toe Cap

  • Foot injuries at workplaces are very common and it may come in any shape and size. This is why wearing safety shoes or boots with toe caps is essential as it will protect your feet from mishaps. The Cofra Monet has an Top Return composite toe cap with a resistance of 200 J that will protect your feet from heavy falling objects when working. Top Return toecaps have a reduced thickness of 25% in comparison to other toe caps on the market. This shoe is lighter with a reduced weight of 45%, only 50g compared with 90g of a medium weight of a steel toe cap. This toe cap has an elastic effect, in case of crushing the toe cap will recover its original shape making it easier to remove the foot.

  • Slip Resistant

  • The outer sole of this shoe has a polyurethane/TPU, this provides your shoe with greater traction in slippery conditions. This non-slip shoe will stand up to tough working conditions with durability

  • APT Plate (anti-puncture plate)

  • This shoe has an APT Plate that is non-metallic, flexible, light, resistant to any type of perforation with low electrical resistance. The Cofra Monet has a Zero Perforation midsole even with a 3mm diameter nail.

  • Water Repellent

  • This shoe has a water repellent nubuck. Protecting you no matter the weather.


  • Breathable

  • The Cofra Monet has a highly breathable internal lining. It absorbs and releases moisture, leaving your feet dry and comfortable.

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