SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile 30 cm Laboratory Gloves (50 per pack) Type B (JKPT)

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SHIELDskin™ latex gloves and SHIELDskin™ nitrile/polychloroprene gloves are Category III PPE registered. They offer a high level of protection against biohazards (AQL 0.65 - EN 374-2:2014 Level 3) and are virus resistant (ISO 16604:2004 procedure B). SHIELDskin™ is the perfect glove solution for your biosafety laboratory.

  • 67 625X series
  • Orange: Biological risk
  • Protective glove, laboratory glove
  • Category III PPE glove (PPE Directive 89/686/EEC)
  • Complex Design - For mortal and irreversible risks
  • Powder-free orange/white nitrile/polychloroprene glove
  • twinSHIELD™ double-walled protection
  • Ambidextrous
  • 300 mm / 0.14 mm (EN 420:2003 + A1:2009)
  • AQL 0.65 (EN 374-2:2014 Level 3)
  • Viral penetration test (ISO 16604:2004 Procedure B & ASTM F1671-97b)
  • Waterproof and for low chemical protection
  • Tested for chemical permeation (EN 16523-1:2015 supersedes EN 374-3:2003)
  • Tested according to EN 1149-1-2-3 & 5
  • Type I hypersensivity eliminated - Type IV hypersensivity reduced
  • Accelerator free



    The widely acclaimed SHIELDskin™ gloves provide you with the highest level of "compliance, comfort and protection". SHIELDskin™ nitrile/neoprene gloves have been specifically designed for laboratory use to protect your assays against contamination and to protect you against biological and chemical hazards.



    SHIELDskin™ gloves are classified as Category III PPE against the mortal or irreversible risks as defined in the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Only Category III PPE gloves are likely to provide the necessary personal protection needed in a laboratory.



    SHIELDskin™ nitrile/neoprene and latex gloves have been specifically designed for laboratory use to protect your assays against contamination and to protect you against biological and chemical hazards.



    A minimum length of 260 mm/10.2". By offering 10% extra length compared to standard length laboratory gloves (240 mm) and with extra thickness, SHIELDskin™ gloves provide optimal protection against biohazards and chemical splashes. SHIELDskin™ gloves resist to permeation for at least 30 minutes against 3 out of the 18 chemicals listed in ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018 (tested according to EN 16523-1:2015+A1:2018).



    SHIELDskin™ gloves are tested to demonstrate compliance with ISO 374-5:2016 for protection against biohazard. SHIELDskin™ gloves have an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 0.25, representing a performance Level of 3 according to EN 374-2:2014. This level of protection in standard laboratory gloves has never previously been available and will provide additional confidence in meeting biosecurity procedures. Microorganism resistant per EN 374-2:2014 Level 3 (AQL 0.25) and virus resistant per ISO 16604:2004 Procedure B.



    SHIELDskin™ ORANGE NITRILE™ gloves are accelerator-free thereby limiting the risk of type IV allergic contact dermatitis (or type IV delayed hypersensitivity). Furthermore, there are non-detectable levels of chemical allergens using aqueous solution extraction (Phosphate buffered solution) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) assay method for quantitative analysis.

    The SHIELDskin™ ORANGE NITRILE™ gloves are 100% latex-free providing a solution for those seeking to eliminate or minimize the risk of Natural Rubber Latex type I allergy (or type I hypersensitivity).