PMMA half-sphere 360 degree industrial dome mirrors for ceiling mounting

SKU: WEB-3660
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Positioned where vehicles and people mix, at aisles and junctions, these ceiling hung dome mirrors act as an important safety measure against collisions. They provide a clear 360 degree panoramic view.

  • PMMA optics.
  • To be hung from ceiling (chain kit supplied)
  • Large angle of convexity for a 360 degree view.
  • 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defaults (excluding breakage).

  • The ceiling-suspended half-sphere dome mirrors are ideal for use in industrial factories, warehouses or other areas with limited space and heavy traffic.

    They offer 360 degree surveillance (to view 4 directions) of intersections to prevent collisions between forklifts and other machinery, perfect for 4-way or 5-way intersections.

    PMMA optics offer an exceptional image quality.

    This mirror is designed to be suspended from the ceiling high enough not to be hit by a forklift truck or other machine in the center of the intersection or the end of a path to control traffic in adjacent lanes.

    It is supplied complete with 4 x 1-metre long chains and is guaranteed for 2 years (excluding breakage). *

    *under normal operating conditions. Important: Although very strong, PMMA (Plexiglas) mirrors are not unbreakable.