Polymir unbreakable half-sphere 180 degree industrial dome mirrors for wall mounting

SKU: WEB-56-57
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These unbreakable half sphere hemispheric/dome mirrors for wall mounting offer approximately 180 degree field of vision to aid with controlling traffic flow between forklifts or people in busy or high risk zones (e.g. warehouses or factories, in between racking or shelving).

  • Polymir® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, and anti-UV treated
  • Wall mounting, fixing supplied.
  • Wide angle of convexity for 180 degree surveillance.
  • 3 year guarantee.

  • These unbreakable half sphere 180 degree industrial hemispheric safety mirrors improve visibility for oncoming traffic to prevent collisions between forklifts in warehouses, factories or other industrial sites. These mirrors are to be mounted vertically, on a wall, at junctions or between racking or shelving systems.

    Their large angle of convexity offers 180° surveillance (to view 3 directions).

    Polymir® optics are unbreakable, unalterable, anti-UV treated and offer exceptional optical quality.

    These full dome security mirrors are supplied complete with a kit for wall mounting and are guaranteed for 3 years.*

    *under normal operating conditions.

    Please note: Polymir® mirrors are not true domes. The depth is less than the radius to ensure strength.