Meet Michal

My role

I wear many hats at Advanced Safety and I'm behind what you see and all things unseen.

If it has anything to do with a computer, I can do it, from soldering to building enterprise systems. I love data, creative problem solving and I'm committed to excellence.

My product knowledge

For the past 7 years with Advanced Safety, I've been expanding my knowledge around thousands of products while product populating our websites and designing printed catalogues.

I'm finding personal protective equipment most exciting as there is a lot of detailed and quality knowledge behind.

Elipse masks are my favorite items in our wide respiratory protection range.

A bit about me

I'm a self taught IT person and all around DIY-er. I got my start at 8 years old, back in primary school when I probably should have been doing homework.

I’ve been a creative thinker since I can remember, writing embarrassing poetry as a teenager, exploring traditional photography and taking photos with a shoe box in my twenties.