Meet Michelle

My role

My primary role in Advanced Safety is outbound marketing & lead generation.

My product knowledge

Workwear – I would have been familiar with this product before I joined Advanced Safety, there are tradesmen in my family and I understand the importance of comfortable workwear that is fit for purpose.

Footwear is a product that I seem to learn something new about each day, there are so many ranges of safety footwear made for different situations and the choice is vast.

If I was to choose a favourite product it would have to be the Engle work trousers – they are a great style and are excellent quality.

A bit about me

I love to spend time with my family, I come from a big family and we are quite close, I spend time with my nieces and nephews whenever I can, watching them grow up and being involved in their lives is a real treat.

I enjoy going to the gym, you will find me there after work most days as I find its great "me time" and sets you in the right frame of mind.