Intelligent Hearing Protection

  • Reduces machine & tool noise
  • Enhances communication & concentration
  • Supports your safety at work

The most advanced universal-fit hearing defence ever

It’s all very well trying to block out all sound – but sometimes you still need to be able to hear conversation, the cry of a baby, a car horn etc. NoNoise’s patented precision-tuning means you can reduce the noises you don’t want to hear, but keep those that you do. And because our filters are formed with the Venturi-shaped sound channel, from high grade ceramic material (zirconium oxide) at 2,715°C, the internal aperture surface is perfectly smooth. This results in more precise sound attenuation than with plastic (PE) filters which leave a rough, uneven channel surface.

  • Reduces machine & tool noise
  • Enhances communication & concentration
  • Supports your safety at work
  • Approved by German Health & Safety Institute

Why are these Hearing Protectors different?

Developed over 20 years by leading audiology experts, NoNoise WORK Hearing Protectors are superior to traditional foam, wax or silicone earplugs.

Precision-tuned, patented ceramic sound filters ensure maximum protection from dangerous levels of noise in work or factory environments over 80dB, yet allow you to listen clearly to surrounding conversation without a muffled effect.

Protection/attenuation data

NoNoise WORK Hearing Protectors are precisely tuned for optimum attenuation at the frequencies required in work or factory environments.

The independently measured mean sound attenuation (EN352-2:2002) is 29.5dB at the higher (most damaging) frequencies.

Ellen McEvoy, Kilconny

The protectors are comfortable, easy to insert and are a delight when it comes to holding a normal conversation without having to remove them. I often wear them for long periods and always without any discomfort.

Teague Lynch, Adamstow

I have used these for over two years and genuinely cannot recommend them highly enough. They do what it says they do brilliantly and are so comfortable! They will save your hearing and because they do not blank out speech, may well save your life compared with foam plugs! You know you're worth it!

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dB Sound situation Damage
150 Gun shot, fireworks blast Immediate
130 Sound peak during music concert Immediate
120 Pile-driving machine, hammer drill Immediate
100 Drums, club, disco After 5 minutes
95 Wind noise on a motorbike After 15 minutes
92 Small compressor, power drill After 30 minutes
89 Lawn mower After 1 hour
86 Busy city traffic, passing train After 2 hours
83 In passenger aeroplane, loud voices After 4 hours
60/80 Snoring, night time noise Sleep deprivation

Why Choose NoNoise Earplugs?

Noise-induced deafness is irreversible, so hearing protection is essential in many environments. Hearing impairment is not caused overnight – it is generally incremental damage over a period of time.

Damage occurs at noise levels over 80dB, with each 3dB increase equating to a doubling of noise.

Hearing protectors attenuate the noise, but only make sense if they are worn all the time during noise exposure.

So NoNoise Hearing Protectors are designed to fit comfortably, cause no irritation, and allow you to communicate normally.

Highest Precision

NoNoise patented sound filters are made from a special ceramic material including zirconium oxide, at temperatures of over 2,700°C, under strictly controlled conditions. The quality of this high-tech ceramic material ensures precision attenuation and high definition sound.

The Venturi-shaped channel running through the centre of the filter absorbs sound waves differently from other filters ensuring best quality, safe, dampened sound.

More than 20 years of experience

NoNoise Hearing Protectors have been developed by leading audiologists and hearing technicians in the Netherlands over 20 years. We are very experienced with designing and producing professional custom-fit hearing protectors. Our experience and unique technology means that you are in safe hands when it comes to protecting your valuable hearing.

Brian Mullen, Callaghane

Having used the industrial ear plugs I have to say these are brilliant and the best buy in terms of ear protection.

Aidan Maguire, Kinsale

Apart from using them when on bike, I use mine when using electric saw and chainsaw. Amazing bit of kit, highly recommended!


NoNoise production is independently certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Produced in an industry-leading, state of the art manufacturing facility, NoNoise Hearing Protectors are tested by the internationally acknowledged Institute for Health and Safety at Work (IFA) and the Social Accident Insurance (DGIV), in Germany. All NoNoise products comply with and surpass the strict European guidelines of EN352-2:2002.

No muffling effect - no "blocked ear" feeling with NoNoise products

Traditional ear plugs leave your hearing feeling blocked and unnatural. This muffling or occlusion can be disturbing over long periods and can even affect our balance and physical judgement. We have engineered this effect out of NoNoise Hearing Protectors, for ultimate comfort and practicality.

Silicone-free construction

Many people have health concerns over the use of silicone (medical grade or otherwise), so we offer a silicone-free construction – particularly appreciated by those who wear their Hearing Protectors regularly.

Comfortable & re-usable

Unique thermoplastic outer construction gives a feeling of supreme softness and comfort, even when you are sleeping with NoNoise Hearing Protectors or wearing them for extended periods. And with no muffling effect you will barely notice you are wearing them.

Maureen O'Reilly, Ballingary

In short, this product "does exactly what it says on the tin". Would I buy them? Yes. Do I think they are worth the money? Definitely. Will I continue using them? Absolutely!

How to use

  • Gently lift up each ear and pull backwards. Insert hearing protector, rotating until it fits snugly. To remove, rotate and gently pull out.
  • This is a Universal Fit product. If you have particularly wide ear canals or wide fingers, you may find it helpful to carry a small pair of tweezers, to aid removal.


  • NoNoise+ Hearing Protectors function optimally only when inserted correctly.
  • Do not use if you have an ear infection.
  • Hearing protectors should be worn in any environment where noise levels are 80dB or more. If you are unsure of the decibel level, it is always better to use hearing protection and protect yourself.
  • Noise levels can vary. The amplitude (volume) you hear is affected by the distance you are from the noise source and other conditions such as whether you are indoors or outdoors. Always ensure that wherever possible, the volume (after taking into account the attenuation by your Hearing Protectors) stays below 80dB.
  • Unique sound port from connector cord maintains hearing clarity and increases SNR attenuation by an additional 2dB.
  • Should your hearing protectors become cracked, broken or damaged in any way, do not use and replace immediately.
  • This product may be adversely affected by certain chemical sub stances. Use NoNoise Hearing Protector Cleaning Kit to avoid damage from certain chemical cleaning agents.
  • Do not remove the internal filter from the hearing protectors: without the filter there is no sound attenuation.
  • Do not use Connector Cord if there is a risk that the cord can be caught or tangled in moving parts.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Why do I need NoNoise Hearing Protectors?

Factory and work machinery often produce noises levels up to 120dB. Permanent hearing damage can occur from 85dB so it is essential always to use hearing protection.