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Smart, error-free ordering

Is your ordering of new workwear quick, easy and error free? It can be if you order via the Advanced Safety online platform.

For large companies

Advanced Safety online platform is the perfect solution for large and medium sized enterprises that regularly order workwear and equipment for their employees. This ordering solution is accessible via the internet at any time of day or night. Login, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have ordered new workwear for yourself or for all your employees.

Easy and customised

Your new workwear – possibly with printed or embroidered logo, name, or the option of additional services - delivered directly to your door. It can come in a personally packed box, either to the company or to a private address - whichever you choose. The ordering system is extremely user friendly.

A range that can dress you from head to toe and from inner layer to out. In extra-small, and extra-large sizes - all as standard. The assortment offers a variety of functions and features - so everyone in your business can be dressed in workwear from the same supplier, whatever their job function or requirements.